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Bedder Roller

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Agricultural Equipment


The House Bedder Roller combines a field drainage system with rollers to form a firm, level seedbed.


  • Heavy-duty 7 x 7 bar frame
  • Heavy-duty Category III and 4N hitches
  • Strong powder-coat finish
  • Adjustable cast gauge wheels
  • 1” x 3” hardened steel shanks
  • Heavy-duty bushings in critical points
  • Heavy-duty grease bearings built for longevity
  • Light and Safety Kit
  • Wings fold over with lock feature for easier transport
  • 24” diameter 5/16” reinforced pipe
  • Field replaceable roller stub shafts


  • Heavy-duty Staylight plows; front and rear fully adjustable sweep height and pitch
Bedder Roller


Part Number Description
1125 - Bedder Roller - 1238 12 Row 38”
1125 - Bedder Roller - 1630 16 Row 30”


Bedder Roller


Part Number Description
MFG030758 12 Row 38” Rear Plow Kit
MFG030759 16 Row 30” Rear Plow Kit
MFG030750 Front Center Plow
MFG030751 Left, 7” Offset Plow
MFG030752 Right, 7” Offset Plow
MFG030753 Straight Plow
MFG030754 Left Outer Row Plow
MFG030755 Right Outer Row Plow
MFG030756 Left Outer Row 7” Offset Plow
MFG030757 Right Outer Row 7” Offset Plow


Bedder Roller Brochure