Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

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Wastewater Treatment

ECS House Industries, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of floating brush aeration equipment in the United States and abroad. The floating brush aerator offers many advantages versus other types of surface aeration equipment.

First, it enhances oxygen transfer rates by "sheering" the water and creating large quantities of fine bubbles for better oxygen transfer. An abundance of bubbles created in this process are the key to enhanced oxygen transfer efficiency, commonly referred to as the Standard Aeration Efficiency (SAE). The more fine bubbles created, the more the overall surface area is increased, which allows the bubbles to capture the oxygen in the air and dissolve this oxygen into the wastewater. ECS House Industries' unique blade and "tip" design, along with the rotor speed, provides the best oxygen transfer among other floating brush aerators.

The mixing profile of the floating brush aerator moves the wastewater in a horizontal pattern, which prevents short-circuiting from occurring in lagoon applications. This type of horizontal mixing enhances lagoon applications that utilize an anaerobic sludge digestion process. The horizontal mixing circulates highly oxygenated water over the top few feet of a lagoon, significantly reducing the BOD and creating an oxygen cap across the lagoon to reduce odors.

The ECS House floating brush aerator can be used for partial mix and/or complete mix lagoon applications. In addition to these applications, our floating brush aerators can be used in SBRs, equalization basins, aerobic digesters and oxidation ditches as well as in any circular, square or rectangular shaped basin that needs aeration.