Agricultural Equipment

Agricultural Equipment

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Agricultural Equipment

As an agricultural producer—no matter where you farm—minimum tillage in order to conserve nutrients and moisture and prevent erosion is a major concern each and every season.

ECS House Industries, Inc. specializes in tillage and seedbed preparation, providing affordable equipment to maximize efficiency when planting and watering a crop. From residue management and light tillage to conditioning and ditching, we have the equipment you need for ideal seedbed preparation, preferred moisture retention and optimal irrigation drainage.

Although we are wholeheartedly committed to innovative technology and a superior manufacturing process, our number-one priority is customer service—we make sure our inventory includes a multitude of parts to serve our farmers and dealers. The 99,000-square foot House manufacturing facility in Cherry Valley, Arkansas, features a fully-stocked parts and warehouse department to ensure we have what you need to stay in the field.

Located in the heart of the Delta, we naturally have strong relationships with both our local and regional agricultural communities. Meeting the needs of today’s farmers through well-built, dependable equipment and unmatched customer service is the core of the House Industries business model.