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DDP Series-Direct Drive

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Aquaculture Equipment

Developed to offer even less need for maintenance; the House Direct-Drive eliminates the belts and side-load forces on the input-shaft of the gear reducer. We offer TGIC powdercoated, galvanized coated and stainless steel models.
Available in 2, 3, 5, 7.5, 10 & 15 HP

The Direct Drive Paddlewheel (model DDP) features a deck-mounted gear reducer that completely eliminates the need for a drive-end bearing. This particular model can be equipped with either a Class II or III AGMA Gear Reducer, both of which feature double-seal protection on the input shaft and output hub.

Available with a slow or fast turning gear reducer (70 or 80 RPM rotor speed), our DDP eliminates belts, side loads on the input shaft and a low speed coupler.